As a parent/legal guardian you have the constitutional right to opt-out of any of the following content under the guise of:

  1. Sex education
  2. Gender Identity
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  4. Social and Emotional Learning
  5. Surveys
  6. Mental Health

Data Mining Your Child’s Information Through Surveys. 

What can you do? Opt-Out of in-class school surveys. These are not mandatory. Information is being collected both on your child and your family. This information can be shared with third parties and is part of your child’s permanent record. These surveys allow schools to collect mental health data and use this information to label each child as “at risk.” Social Emotional Learning is the platform used to collect this data. The goal is to manipulate your child’s beliefs, behaviors, and values. It is a designed to change your child’s worldview. While doing this, creating a Psychological profile on your child. 

Below are three Opt-Out forms for you to choose from.

Christian Opt-Out Forms for All States

Opt-Out Form with Biblical References Written Out

Opt-Out Form with Biblical References by Chapter and Verse

Generic Opt-Out Forms

All-States Opt-Out Form 

Who Receives These Form?

  1. The superintendent, principal, assistant principal, and teacher. You may choose to also include all of your school board members. 
  2. Ask that the form be returned to you signed by each person that receives it, excluding the school board, and that it becomes part of your child’s permanent record.
  3. Remember to follow-up if you receive no response.

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