THE MIND POLLUTERS Movie… Now showing in cities across Georgia… see below.

Truth In Education

Restoring Integrity, Ethics, and Trust in the Classroom


Now showing in select cities across Georgia!

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This powerful new investigative documentary film covers the graphic Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) being forced on children of all ages throughout our education system. The Mind Polluters exposes the dark realities of the intentional grooming of children into a worldview at odds with the Christian faith, a worldview of rampant sexuality, homosexuality, and transgenderism normalized through the use of pornographic and pedophilic materials. Parents of any school-age child should be alarmed and energized to remove these awful ideologies from our schools.

Who We Are

Truth In Education is a nonprofit organization founded to educate parents and legislators on the radical ideologies being taught in our  schools.

– Critical Race Theory
– Comprehensive Sex Education
– Social Emotional Learning
– Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
– and many other destructive practices ruining our schools


Learn about the radical ideologies making their way into our education system.


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